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You can use all public transport options as many times as you want within a fare zone, for as long as your Mobilis ticket is valid.

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Mobilis News

Since December 11th 2022, Mobilis no longer offer a monthly subscription for dogs. […]

Mobilis, the public transport fare network covering Vaud, is currently testing the FlexiAbo scheme in conjunction with Frimobil, its Fribourg counterpart. Available to purchase from [...]

From today, accompanied and unaccompanied children can travel for free until their sixth birthday. After that, and until their 16th birthday, younger passengers will be [...]

Mobilis travel tickets are valid for all public transport routes located within the zones printed on the ticket. This rule applies up to the [...]

Do you own a restaurant, or does your organisation provide on-site catering? With our partner EcoCook®, you can evaluate and certify the sustainability of your [...]

From 1er January 2021, public transport users are entitled to compensation if they arrive at their destination with a delay of 60 minutes or more. [...]