Mobilis expansion in the Châtel-St-Denis region

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From 12 December 2021, a change in the zones of the Vaud Mobilis and Fribourg Frimobil tariff communities is planned in the Châtel-St-Denis region. To make it easier for users to get around, some municipalities that are currently in Frimobil zones will now also be included in Mobilis zones.

What are the benefits?

  • These destinations are automatically included in any 15-zone ticket or day pass, or any 12-zone travelcard.

  • You only need one ticket to travel on these and nearby lines, whether it’s a train, bus or funicular, as many times as you’d like while the ticket is valid.

  • Urban buses and metros are automatically included in your travel ticket.

Before/after 12 December 2021

From Châtel-St-Denis

Passengers boarding in Châtel-St-Denis can use a Mobilis ticket for journeys towards Vaud. This also has the advantage of permitting use of the metro and buses in zone 11 in Lausanne.

From Jongny or Les Monts-de-Corsier

Passengers boarding in Jongny and Les Monts-de-Corsier can use a Frimobil ticket for journeys towards Fribourg. This also has the advantage of permitting use of urban buses in zone 30 in Bulle.

From Jongny or Attalens

Depending on the time of travel, passengers boarding at Bossonnens, Attalens and Jongny can travel via La Chaux or Bossonnens on their way to Châtel-St-Denis or Fribourg using a Frimobil ticket. Prices will depend on the number of zones passed through.