See prices for 1st class travel

Looking for a more comfortable journey? Some of the lines in the Mobilis network offer 1st class seating.

The following companies offer 1st class tickets:

  • All SBB lines
  • All MOB lines
  • MVR, on the Vevey – Blonay – Les Pléiades line
  • NStCM, on the Nyon – St-Cergue – La Cure line
  • TRAVYS, on the Le Pont – Brassus line
  • TRAVYS, on the Yverdon – Sainte-Croix line

Note: It is the passenger’s responsibility to enquire about 1st class options before purchasing a travel ticket.

Passengers who already have a 2nd class ticket

Class upgrades (tickets, day passes, multi-day passes or travelcards) may be purchased for part or all of the zones you are travelling through. The upgrade cost is calculated based on the difference between the 1st class and 2nd class prices of your ticket for the zones in question.

Class upgrades are available at full fare or reduced fare. Reduced fares apply for children aged between 6 and 16e, and for holders of a Half Fare Travelcard, Half Fare day pass or GA 2nd class.

Passengers who do not yet have a ticket

All Mobilis travel tickets have a 1st class option available, except for Child or Youth Travelcards. Please enquire before purchasing your ticket, as some routes do not offer 1st class travel.