Travelling with children

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Children under 6 go free!

Children can travel for free until their sixth birthday. It’s also free to bring pushchairs, small bicycles and child scooters on board.

Lors de voyages de groupe, le voyage leur est aussi offert, indépendamment du nombre d’accompagnants.


Children aged 6 to 16 benefit from discounted prices

For occasional journeys

Children aged 6 to 16 can travel for reduced prices throughout the Mobilis network.

If the journey requires a Mobilis 11-zone day pass or more, or if some or all of the journey will take place outside of the Mobilis network, a Child day pass would be the better option. Costing CHF 19 for 2nd class, this will permit them to travel throughout Switzerland for an entire day, just like a GA Travelcard.

For frequent journeys

  • A Junior pass, costing CHF 30 per year, allows a child to travel for free inside and outside the Mobilis network when he or she is accompanied by a parent with a valid travel ticket.
  • If a child travels regularly with someone over 16 who is not a parent, an Accompanied Child pass may be required (CHF 30 per year). This pass allows the child to travel for free with this person throughout the entire Mobilis network and beyond.
  • If a child regularly travels on their own within the Mobilis network, a Mobilis Child or Youth Travelcard will permit them to make an unlimited number of journeys within the selected zones. If 12 or more zones are chosen, the Mobilis travelcard will entitle the holder to free travel throughout the entire Mobilis network. See the Prices page for more information.
  • For regular journeys outside the Mobilis network in Switzerland, a ChildFamilia GA Travelcard might be best.