• Allows you to make an unlimited number of journeys in the selected zones during the validity period

  • Valid all day until 5am the following morning

  • Can be purchased up to 2 months in advance

  • May be purchased online, by SMS, or at a ticket machine or ticket counter

  • 1st or 2nd class travel available

  • Reduced prices for children aged 6-15 or holders of a Half Fare Travelcard

The most

  • For occasional journeys in Mobilis zones that require at least one return trip in the same day

  • A day pass costs the same as two full fare tickets for 3 zones, or 4 zones for reduced fare tickets.

  • Also available in multipacks, containing 6 day passes to be stamped with each use

15+ zone day passes: If you purchase 15 or more zones, your day pass will automatically become valid for all zones and will allow you to travel freely in all 140 Mobilis zones.

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