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It is with great pleasure that we announce our new ambassador, EcoCook®.

EcoCook® is an independent Swiss certification programme that recognises excellence and sustainability in the international restaurant industry.

Its aim is to:


  • Help restaurant owners put in place environmentally friendly practices with expert, tailor-made advice


  • Assess the sustainability of all types of restaurant, wherever they may be, via an online platform with over 200 evaluation criteria* defined by key measurable environmental and social performance indicators and weighted according to their impact on sustainability, and reviewed by public and private bodies and institutions


  • Accredit sustainable restaurants through Switzerland’s first internationally-recognised specific, independent and holistic certification


In short, implementing sustainable practices in your restaurant will reduce costs while also showing your concern for the planet and local community. And EcoCook® is here to certify that!

*Promoting the use of public transport and soft mobility with customers and employees is one of these 200 criteria.


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